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Year 4

Year 4's Passion Play

Here are some of our favourite parts from the Passion Play:

∗  When we portrayed the angry crowd using a variety of dance styles and dramatic drums;

∗  The highly emotional scene where Mary fainted when her son died on the cross, with excellent acting;

∗  All the songs, but especially the songs that we wrote ourselves;

∗  The women of Jerusalem dance, where we used pink scarves to show our compassion for Jesus.

We would like to thank our parents for being a great audience, our teachers and teaching assistants for helping us learn more about the stations of the cross and help us prepare, and the choir for supporting us with some of the songs.

Callum Ash, Dina Constantinou, Thomas Kelly & Olivia Sandford (Year 4) 

Dorking Halls Music Festival

Year 4 practised for weeks, preparing for a special event at Dorking Halls. This Music Festival took place on Monday 16th May.

Every year at St Anne's, the children in Year 4 take part in the event, together with other schools in the area.

We performed for all parents of Year 4 which was very exciting! Some of the children made solo appearances using their instruments and amazing voices!

It was such an exciting event for us. I was sorry it ended so quickly. I was really enjoying all the songs that we had to sing together.

It finished at 8.30pm and I was glad to go to bed that evening as I was so tired!

By Grace Carney, St Thomas' class

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