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Catholic Life

  • Values and Vision

    Our School Mission Statement

    At St Anne’s we are encouraged to grow in God’s love, respect ourselves and others and do our best in work, prayer and play.

    Our School Values

    At St Anne’s, we always seek to act in a way which is spiritual, aspirational, truthful, collaborative, respectful, courageous and loving.

    Fundamental British Values

    Our school values link well with the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. We take our responsibility to promote these seriously. You can read more about this by ciicking here.

    Our School Vision Statement

    Our vision is for St Anne’s to be a vibrant and happy learning community that helps all children to become the people that God calls them to be.

    Our School Aims

    • To make our pupils aware of their true dignity as children of God and to encourage in them a sense of the sacred and of respect for other races, religions and cultures;
    • To continue to develop strong moral values and a sense of right and wrong;
    • To know our children personally and build relationships of mutual trust;
    • To be a caring community involving children, parents, staff, governors and priests in the development of the whole child;
    • To create a climate of successful learning and teaching in which children are encouraged to develop enquiring minds and work to the best of their ability;
    • To stimulate in children a sense of awe and wonder, excitement and enthusiasm about the world around them;
    • To encourage children to value their personal contribution to the school and community;
    • To encourage children to become active and caring members of the wider community;
    • To help children make constructive use of their leisure time.

    We aim to achieve our Mission by providing excellent education and strong support for School-Home-Parish links.


    We believe that Christ is at the centre of all that happens within the St Anne’s school family.  We grow in God’s love by living according to the practices and teachings of the Catholic Church and by praying together as a school community.  We encourage every individual to develop as a whole person: academically, spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally.


    We undertake to support and understand children and their families, particularly in times of difficulty, and treat them at all times with a sensitivity that maintains the dignity of the individual.


    We expect that the children’s faith journey, which starts at home and is nourished at school, will be supported by the whole parish community.

  • Pastoral Care

    Pastoral care

    Our high level of pastoral care is a striking feature of the school. We make great efforts to ensure that every child feels happy and safe at St Anne’s. Through 'prayer partners', each class makes links with another, so that older children can support and care for younger ones. Standards of behaviour are consistently high and children learn the importance of respecting everyone. We recognise that everyone sometimes makes mistakes, but when this happens a strong emphasis on forgiveness and reconciliation allows us to move forward and genuinely learn from these mistakes.

    We are committed to meeting the individual learning needs of each child in our school, continually developing our approaches to teaching. These enable all children to learn more effectively, for example by tailoring activities to meet different learning styles.
    Whenever possible each child's needs are met by their class teacher, but should a child's lack of development in any area (academic, social, emotional, behavioural) begin to cause concern this will be addressed sensitively through the school’s Special Needs provision. This approach applies equally to children with particular gifts and talents. The school maintains links with, and makes full use of the support offered by the Speech and Language Therapists, the learning support services, the Educational Psychology Service and the School Medical Officer.

    Classroom assistants provide extra support within every classroom and also work with children one-to-one or in small groups outside the classroom when appropriate.

  • Liturgy and Collective Worship

    Liturgies, prayer and collective worship are at the centre of every school day. 

    Please find our collective worship policy here

  • RSHE

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  • Rainbows

    Rainbows Bereavement Support

    Rainbows is a programme that fosters emotional healing among children who are grieving a death, or any other significant loss in their lives. At St Anne’s, we have a trained Rainbows facilitator who delivers planned programmes to peer support groups of children who may have suffered different losses in their lives. The children are able to share their feelings in a secure environment, with other children in the group, with our caring and compassionate trained adult. Confidentiality is kept at all times unless a child is at risk. The Rainbows groups strictly adhere to the school’s safeguarding policies and procedures. Children have said that Rainbows has helped them with how to deal with the anger they feel and how it is important to share how they are feeling and that they felt more confident and less worried about things.

    Class teachers will approach parents if they feel this programme would support a particular child. Parents are also very welcome to approach the class teacher or our SENDCo (Mrs Smith) if they believe Rainbows would benefit their child. 

    Please visit the Rainbows website (link below) for more details.  

    What we do. - Rainbows Bereavement Support GB (rainbowsgb.org)    

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