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Art & Design

You can see details of the national curriculum for art here.

At St Anne’s, we strive for our children to develop confidence in their knowledge of art and in their use of key artistic skills. We believe that art is a form of self-expression that gives children the opportunity to explore their imagination. Children are supported to develop key artistic skills including drawing, using colour, printing, pattern and evaluating. We use the Dimensions curriculum as a starting point for the teaching and learning of art. Cross-curricular links to Catholic teaching are also made in RE, RSHE and spiritual journaling. Art supports children to learn about and appreciate the world God created in all its awe and wonder. Art also links to other curriculum areas including English, Maths, RE, Geography, DT and History.


The National Curriculum for art aims include:

  • using a variety of artistic skills - the children will develop their skills in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design skills.
  • evaluating and analysing - the children will develop the confidence and ability to evaluate their own and others’ creative works using the language of art, craft and design. They will develop their ability to read visual images and artefacts, forming opinions and asking questions about them.
  • researching great artists, craft makers and art from different historical eras to inspire children’s work
  • producing creative pieces, whereby they will explore their ideas and record their experiences using a variety of materials and skills. The children will understand that they can present their work in a variety of ways.

In EYFS, the curriculum focuses on ‘Expressive Art and Design’. This is delivered through a variety of activities allowing the children to express and be creative through both teacher-led and children-led tasks. We work closely with children individually and in small groups to explore pattern, colour, line, tools, collage and materials, enabling them to consolidate and apply new skills. Children use different art equipment including paper, pens, paint, collage, glue and are encouraged to choose how they wish to express their learning.

In Key Stage 1, the children will build upon their existing knowledge and skills from EYFS and start to explore mixing the primary and secondary colours. They will also begin to identify which tools are specific to which art media, e.g. drawing pencils, pastels, charcoal and use simple vocabulary related to shape, space, line, tone and colour. The children will learn that different forms of creative works have been made by people from all cultures and times.

In Key Stage 2, children continue to develop key vocabulary relating to a range of different art techniques and begin to choose which techniques are most suitable for specific purposes. They will know which art tools to choose specific purposes and how to use them safely. The children explore how architecture shapes communities and landscapes, with a particular focus on architecture in the local area. The children will also learn about famous artists and architects, be able to describe examples of their work and use this learning to create their own art in a particular style.

Extra-curricular opportunities

We currently offer an extra-curricular art club which is available for children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 which is run by an external art teacher. This club inspires children to explore their artistic skills and build on what they have learnt in class.

We have frequent visits from local artists and art societies who come to enrich children’s knowledge of certain aspects of art including portraits. These visits inspire our children to engage with different artist’s viewpoints and to develop their individual artistic style even further.

“I love painting because I can mix different colours to paint a rainbow!” - Key Stage 1 child

“I enjoy exploring patterns and designs’’ - Key Stage 1 child

“Art is my favourite subject because I am able to express my ideas in different ways. I really enjoy using pastels.” - Key Stage 2 child

 “I love to doodle in my art work and build up my picture,” - Key Stage 2 child

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