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Year 3

Year 3 Sleepover

On Friday 3rd July, we had our Year 3 sleepover! We were all extremely excited and couldn’t wait to spend the night at school. Everyone arrived at about 5 o’clock and we got to have the whole playground and field to ourselves!

After that, we had a scrumptious BBQ cooked by Mr Celliers & Mr Isted. We all sat together and enjoyed eating our feast! After serving us, the adults were chatting and tucking into the leftovers. Isabella Graham let us borrow her chocolate fountain: it was luxurious and heavenly.

One of our favourite moments of the evening, was when we all launched into the ‘Chocolate’ dance. Miss Renaut & Miss Freer led the dancing and Mikie dragged Miss Holwill into the fun. She looked scared! Soon enough, she started to get the hang of it. It was funny to see some of the parents dancing along too.

Later on in the evening, we watched some of ‘Big Hero 6’ and listened to Miss O’Brien’s amazing storytelling. After ‘lights out’, we were very well behaved throughout the night, even though there was a huge thunder storm!

The sleepover was fabulous and everyone had the time of their lives. We want to thank all the adults who kept us safe and happy. We enjoyed it so much that we want to do it again!

Oliver Earp, Sammy Lynch, Aurora Terminiello & Aine Treacy (Year 3) 

Maypole Dancing

On Saturday 2nd May, Year 3 joined the May Fayre parade and marched proudly down the High Street. It was fun because we got to wave like Kings and Queens at all the people.

After the parade, we went to the Orchard outside All Saints’ Church and waited patiently for our time to perform.  At last, it was our turn! The first piece of music started and we began skipping around the maypole. Even though we had butterflies in our tummies, we smiled at the audience throughout.

The second dance was the girls’ dance and they wore stunning, shimmering wings. The girls looked like angels fluttering around the maypole.

In the finale, Miss Freer & Miss Renaut joined us for the dance. They were incredible! We think they really enjoyed it too.

As we took our final bow, we felt proud and excited, but shattered. It was an amazing day!

We would like to thank all the adults that helped us and we hope that you enjoyed watching our superb dancing. We cannot wait to perform again at the Summer Fair on Sunday 28th June at 1pm - we hope to see you there!

Ricky, Ava, Gino & Helena (Year 3)

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