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Autumn Term Highlights!

Reception have enjoyed learning new tennis and hockey skills this half term during our PE lessons. We have been amazed at how the children have taken on board such grown up skills and almost learnt how to hold the equipment correctly.

 St Nicholas’ class have been practising how to control the hockey ball and stick, passing the ball to a partner and we have even learnt how to stop the ball and shoot! We have had great fun travelling with the ball and learning how to dribble. The children have been a joy to teach and watch.

St Anthony’s class have loved learning how to control a tennis racket and hit the ball to a partner. They have been developing their throwing and catching skills and hard eye coordination with immense determination.


We have also been learning about the effects of salt on ice and looking what happens when ice is left out in the classroom. The children were very excited to be ice detectives and enjoyed watching and timing how long it took for the ice to melt. The children enjoyed doing their first experiment and were very animated throughout!

We are hoping for an icy, snowy day, so we can make the most of it and go outside to explore our outdoor learning environment in the wintry weather. We will listen to the sound of footprints on the snow and frost and listen for other sounds, such as icicles dripping, catch snowflakes on black paper and look at their patterns. 

Next time you are at home and it snows, look at the patterns made by frost and ice on windows, touch the snow and the ice and encourage your children to describe how it feels. If you have enough snow, fill the water tray with it and see how long the children can play with it before it melts. All the teachers in reception wish you a very Happy Christmas!

The Reception Team

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