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Year 5

Ridgemount visit

On Tuesday we used our speaking and listening skills to entertain the local community.

We had prepared for this. I drew the picture on the back of the songbook. I also made a card for Kathleen, the elderly lady I was going to talk to.

When we got there we had to put on antiseptic hand wash, so that we wouldn’t give any colds to the old people and they wouldn’t give any to us. After that we went up loads of stairs, and finally sat down in a big room. While we were waiting for the old people to come we watched television. Then when they had all came in, children went and talked to the people. I talked and listened to Kathleen. She was a very nice lady. Kathleen told me that she hated school, because she was always at the bottom of the class. Then we sang the songs with them. I did the actions for Away in a Manger.

When we had finished speaking and listening I had a drink and a cake. Then we went back to school and had a quick break. I am glad that I had the opportunity to entertain the elderly. Overall it was a good visit and Kathleen was very nice and seemed to enjoy us entertaining her.

Rachel. Year 5

Advent Service

Year 5 and the choir presented an Advent Service for the school and parents in the school hall. This service was about the preparations for the first Christmas and included songs, readings and prayers.

We didn’t start proper rehearsals until a week before the service, so there wasn’t much time! However, everyone worked very hard to get everything ready in time. We needed to learn all the songs, practise reading our words, make the symbols we needed and work out where everyone was going to stand.

Our favourite parts of the service were all the prophets coming in with their symbols and singing A Bright New Age. Mr Donovan's favourite moment was the last chorus of Psalm 79.

Everyone who came to the Advent Service enjoyed it and we think they were impressed with our talents. We were impressed with Christopher’s operatic singing and the angels’ dance (which they only made up at the last minute).

We would like to thank all the teachers and parents who helped us. We would also like to thank Mrs Bonner and Donna-Maria for playing the flute and drums very well.

Callum & Kathryn, Year 5

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