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Year 5

Autumn Term Highlights!

This term, Year 5 have really enjoyed their Autumn Term learning journey on the Anglo-Saxons. We have spent many weeks learning about many different aspects of Anglo-Saxon life from how the invasion began to the ways in which the Anglo Saxons changed our country – some of which is still evident today. There is not a lot of historical evidence going back to Anglo – Saxon times, so we were really interested to learn all about the burial site at Sutton Hoo, the writings of some monks (including St. Bede, one of our class saints!) and reading the myth Beowulf, which is set in those times.  

Beowulf provided us with the opportunity to write our own stories, act out dialogues and make art pieces linked to what we thought Grendel from the myth might look like. Towards the end of the learning journey, we each wrote an information page showing all the amazing facts that we have learnt, using features that we had been studying in English lessons. 

We have really enjoyed this learning journey, in particular the recent DT project! We worked in groups of four to make model Anglo-Saxon villages. We showed great team work and had loads of fun making them. We used what we learnt from texts and reconstruction sites such as West Stow to help us create a realistic village. We have included some photos for you to see for yourself!

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